Hustle Culture. A big no or yes?

Hustle culture can be considered as a lifestyle of people who are obsessed with being productive, and whose lives are expected to strive, be productive, and work. Many find this kind of lifestyle is necessary because as time goes by, people are busier and more productive than ever. Plus, for them, it’s important to not only do what you love but also to love what they do. So to work is not just to work to pay bills, but to do work itself. However, there are some who find this lifestyle as something toxic and exploitative. For them, this kind of lifestyle only benefit a group of elites.

One benefit of this lifestyle is that they want to see who’s the strongest, most competent, and has what it takes to be a good employees. However, it’s undeniably obvious that this lifestyle can be considered as exploitative because it’s the people who don’t do the actual work and also the ones who get the actual extreme wealth created from the hustle culture who are promoting and living this culture. Meanwhile, it’s the employees — who actually do the work, who suffer from overwork who are being exploited. Their lives are “invested” in their jobs who don’t pay that much to cost their time and energy they spent for their jobs. It’s scientifically proven that the profit gained from overwork are not for the workers but for the bosses and investors, because the wage growth has been essentially stagnant for years, despite the increase of hustle culture mania over the years.

There sure are pros and contras of everything. I think, good work ethic and hardwork are so important in work life. It’s true that there are always people who are ahead of us and it’s up to us whether we want to catch up or being “left behind”. It’s also important to want to achieve more in one’s career. However, I personally don’t support glorifying overwork and the pressure of having to be productive all the time. It can be dehumanizing to “force” people to work all the time and invest their lives in what they do for living and toxic to let people think that they are slaking when they do no work related activities when there are people who gives their all and still working out there and finally make them guilty to not work and do something else other than to work.


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